Land Features

  • It's 13,048 acres of land comprise the largest parcel of Mississippi's 30,000 acres in the forest
  • The club has a 100-acre private lake that was formed by floods on the Mississippi River in 1911 and 1927 and is great for fishing.
  • There are approximately 55 miles of walking trails, which give hunters access to large wooded sections.
  • The Oxbow lakes provide for excellent fishing and the 100-acre private lake has wonderful crappie, bream and bass fishing exclusively for club members.
  • The club has a main road system of approximately 35 miles through the club, which breaks the woods into large sections providing easy access for hunters.

The club is bordered by stable ownership of the adjacent landmasses, which provides for strong natural boundaries

The mineral-enriched alluvial soil is excellent for the growth of hardwood timber and dense natural browse.

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