Merigold has established a three-class buck system in the effort to achieve the best trophy buck herd possible on such a large track of land. They are the eight & nine point class, the ten point or greater class and the management class. Eight points must have a gross score of at least 120 inches, nine points 140, ten & eleven points 160 and twelve points and greater 170. Management bucks are those that have seven or fewer points and are at least 3 ½ years old. The club harvests an average of 40 trophy bucks annually with its 5 ½ and 6 ½ year old bucks producing racks that have averaged more than 140 B&C inches for the last five years.

man and deer Merigold has 2 Boone & Crockett book entries and several Pope & Young entries from past years and a new unofficial entry taken in 2008. The deer pictured left could be the 4th largest buck ever taken with a bow in Mississippi.

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